Concrete Caulking

Effective Concrete Caulking

Supporting Your Concrete's Longevity

Concrete is known for its longevity but is still at risk from Mother Nature's wrath. Make sure your concrete is stable for years to come with caulking provided by Leifert Concrete Construction Co., LLC. Our professionals will seal out moisture that can lead to premature failure of your concrete.

Preventing Concrete Breakdown

After the concrete is poured and has cured, a contractor will cut or saw expansion joints between each slab. This effort is meant to keep any cracks that may form within the joint itself. 

The main purpose of our caulking is to prevent water from penetrating to the sub-grade via the joint. When water finds its way into the crack, it can cause erosion which eventually leads to the slab sinking. When you combine that with the freeze / thaw cycle, you're looking at even more of a concrete breakdown. Keeping the sub-grade dry prevents all of the above and leads to long-term stability of the concrete slab.

A Focus on Commercial Concrete Projects

Although we typically provide caulking for commercial projects due to the large number of joints, we also can caulk residential concrete. Our services include:
  • Caulk expansion joints
  • Caulking cracks 
  • Crack repair
Extend the Life of Your Concrete. 
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